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(Wine) Cork Board

My newest crafting project.


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Knit Together: Part 3

Project 5 – Zippered Knitting Needle Case

The inspiration for this project came from Frankie Brown’s knitting needle case pattern on Ravelry.com. I altered the pattern for a larger case. I wanted mine big enough, and most importantly long enough, to hold all of my knitting needles- both straight and circular.



The case is lined with fabric on the inside so that knitting needles will not be able to push through the knit.



Join me on Ravelry.com- a very cool networking website for knitters that includes thousands of free patterns. http://www.ravelry.com/people/ethoslost

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Knit Together: Part 2

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Project 3: Black Beanie

This beanie was made for Kieran. Unfortunately, by the time I finished it in late March it had gotten too hot for him to wear. Good news is this fall he will have a brand new beanie to wear to work.

Project 4: Dish cloths

I made four small square dish cloths out of cotton yarn. They are durable and are easily washable. I have been using them for cleaning dishes for several weeks now and love them I just wish they were bigger.

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Knit Together: Part 1

A few months ago I took up knitting. My friend Erica, view her photography blog, is an expert knitter and has graciously taken time to teach me.  I find this incredibly relaxing, usually doing it while watching TV. It is hard for me not to multi-task, so this fills the ‘wasting time’ feeling that I get when I watch TV.

Project 1: Buttoned Cowl

I started out making a scarf.  I did not have a pattern, I was just trying to get the feel for knitting. I casted-on too wide a row for a scarf with the amount of yarn I had. I made a cowl instead and used pearl white buttons, which I think was a nice addition. I like shiny things (because I’m a woman??).


Project 2: Striped Beanie with Scalloped Edge

At the Lancaster Yarn Shop in Intercourse, PA I purchased the Amish County Beanie kit that includes a pattern and black, blue, and purple yarn for the beanie. This was my first try with circular needles. They are wonderful! I did not have as many dropped stitches. The kit did not contain enough black yarn for the hat so I purchased more. I now have enough black left over for another beanie which I’m working on now.  I gave this hat to Caitlin for her birthday.

I have a profile on Ravelry.com which is a social networking site for knitters. There are thousands of free patterns on here. I’ve found many projects I have to start.

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