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Knit Together: Part 2

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Project 3: Black Beanie

This beanie was made for Kieran. Unfortunately, by the time I finished it in late March it had gotten too hot for him to wear. Good news is this fall he will have a brand new beanie to wear to work.

Project 4: Dish cloths

I made four small square dish cloths out of cotton yarn. They are durable and are easily washable. I have been using them for cleaning dishes for several weeks now and love them I just wish they were bigger.


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Pollution almost completely destroys Earth leaving humanity with no choice but to develop ecofriendly technology and adjust to a new way of living. The business sector eventually became so sustaining and productive that massive amounts of money could be put into pursuing space technology. {{Interestingly enough, our government has to keep cutting NASA funding due to our current economic issues.}} Arik, the main character in Christian Cantrell’s book Containment, awakes in the hospital from sustaining an injury outside of the contained structure in which he lives in on the planet Venus.  Arik has to figure out why he was even outside of the containment zone. What he discovers changes everything he ever believed in.

Arik believed that he lived in a livable dome on Venus. Long story short, he discovers that his dome is actually on Earth, in Antarctica. The world never recovered from environmental disaster. In fact, the air was largely unbreathable and several such domes for survivors had sprung up on earth. Space travel was not currently obtainable.  The founders of the colony wanted to protect and isolate their people from the rest of the world and thus created the illusion of living on Venus for the younger generation to believe.

This was a very good science fiction novel that included many original elements. I rate this book at 5/5 stars. The only thing I thought needed to be elaborated on was the genetic mutations that occurred to people who remained outside of livable domes. Apparently they were turned into almost zombie like creatures who were able to breathe the poisoned air. I think this was an interesting storyline that should have been followed up on beyond the brief period of contact Arik had with them outside the dome.

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